University Canteen Voucher

  1. Download and fill out the form below.
  2. Bring the completed form to the ÖH FH Oberösterreich office.
  3. Pick up 15 university canteen vouchers once per month.


In order to be able to get University canteen vouchers, one of the three requirements listed here must be met:

  • Receipt of a study grant
  • Receipt of financial support from the social fund of the Federal ÖH
  • less than 450 € per month available for food

If one of the requirements applies to you, you can apply for your university canteen vouchers at the ÖH FH Oberösterreich office using the form below. It´s as simple as that to save money at the next lunch in the cafeteria on your campus!

All information about the guidelines can be found here:

University canteen voucher guidelines


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