The Sustainability Department

The sustainability department is responsible for making "sustainability" comprehensible and integrating it into the daily life of our students. On the other hand, you will receive help in implementing projects and campaigns that make your campus location more sustainable.


Andreas Böck

Andreas Böck

Alois Manhartsgruber

Alois Manhartsgruber

Sachbearbeiter*in Nachhaltigkeitsreferat

Anja Eder

Sachbearbeiter*in Nachhaltigkeitsreferat

Sustainability in FH and everyday life

The ECOmmunity is for students and staff interested in sustainability to share information, knowledge and events. You can also get support for projects and ideas. Sustainable projects and campaigns are presented at the monthly regulars' table, followed by networking sessions.


Environment, climate, recycling, mobility, energy, nutrition, and much more are areas in which sustainability plays a major role. The department of sustainability is rather new, as many have only recently become aware of the importance of environmental and climate protection. But now the topic is on everyone's lips and we need you all to implement projects and make our campus locations more sustainable. Would you like to get active? Then reach out to me!

How can I support you?

...want to organize an event to draw attention to the topic of sustainability?
...are looking for a sustainable study project or semester project?
...have a concern that you would like to share with other students?
...would like to support the topic, but don't know how yet?
...have further ideas and don't know whom to contact?

Together we can get the ball rolling and help to protect the environment.

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