Commercial Department

The commercial department is available for all questions concerning the budget. Together with the chair of the student representatives, the commercial department is responsible for the auditing, payment transactions and employment contracts


Laura Haslinger

Laura Haslinger

Wirtschaftsreferent*in, STV CRF (AG & Friends)
Oliver Höglinger

Oliver Höglinger

Stellvertreter*in Wirtschaftsreferat

Project Proposal

If you are interested in organizing something on your campus or for your study program, the ÖH has created various budgets. Whether it is a study program party, a study program trip, a beverage stand or an excursion - we are always happy to support committed students.

For this purpose, please contact your study program representatives, who will explain the procedure to you.
You can find more information about financial support from the ÖH in our code of conduct Gebahrungsordnung.


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