Your students union at FH Upper Austria

We as your university representatives, consisting of the University Council (german acronym: HV), the departments (german acronym: Ref), your campus team, your student representatives (german acronym: STV), and the members of the academic council (german acronym: Kol), are committed to your concerns!


Structure of the students union

  • academic council Kol
    Departments Dep
    Student ­Representatives HV
    across campuses
  • Campus Teams Campus
  • Study Program ­Representatives STV
    study program
  • academic council

    The delegated members of the university's council will stand up for you in front of the professors, the deans and the president of the FH!

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  • Departments

    Important topics are handled in the students union by departments. The lectures cover different topics: Starting with grants and subsidies, education policy and public relations.

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  • Student ­Representatives

    The nine members of the university council are elected every two years. They send members to the college and appoint the speakers of the students union.

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  • Campus Teams

    Our campus speakers, together with the administrators, are responsible for ensuring that you have a contact person on your campus at all times. They also organize numerous events on campus.

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  • Study Program ­Representatives

    Your directly elected representative in the study program supports you in problems specific to the study program and is your first contact person for FH-related matters

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Upcoming Events

As students union it is our goal to make your everyday life as comfortable as possible. This includes fun events, as well as free legal advice or free personal coaching. 

Here you can find our calendar with all events:

No events available.

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