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Campus Department

Our goal as ÖH is to advise and support students in all matters concerning their studies and everyday life. In order to offer this service, a team consisting of the campus officer and five campus representatives is at your disposal at Campus Wels.

At the Campus Wels the Campus Department provides the following services:

- Administration and handing out of university canteen vouchers

- Advice for students

- Organization of stands, cafés and other events

- Improvement of the student environment

If you have any questions, you can reach us at any time via e-mail or during our opening hours at the ÖH office.

Hochschülerinnen- und Hochschülerschaft
FH OÖ / Campus Wels
Stelzhamerstraße 23
4600 Wels


Opening Hours

By arrangement


Pavle Markovic

Pavle Markovic

Campusreferat Wels
Theresa Mergl

Theresa Mergl

Sachbearbeiterin Campusreferat Wels

Student of Confidence

Mercedes Mayrhofer

Mercedes Mayrhofer

Julian Schürz

Julian Schürz


How I can help you

In order to help you in matters such as problems with violence, discrimination, hopelessness or other private crises, I always have an open ear for you. In such cases I will gladly forward you to the responsible persons. Additionally, I can help you with problems where you prefer to remain anonymous.


Student Representation Wels

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