The Education Policy Department

You face problems in your studies? You feel treated unrightful? There are difficulties with lecturers? Or would you like more detailed information about examination regulations or legal requirements? Then the Department of Education Policy is the right place to go!


Maximilian Anleitner

Maximilian Anleitner

STV PMBI, Bildungspolitische*r Referent*in (AG & Friends)

We take care of your situation and work together with you to solve problems or answer questions that directly affect your studies.

No matter whether it is about,

  • The holding and assessment of examinations,
  • The acknowledgement of previous knowledge,
  • Uncertainties around board examinations,
  • The repetition of an academic year or questions about bachelor and master theses and the final examinations,

with all these points and many more, we are constantly available to support you.

In order to be always well informed, we work closely with the federal representation of the ÖH and are also directly involved at the university, for example in direct contact with the course directors as well as the heads of the study programs. This has recently led to a successful appeal against a negative evaluation of a bachelor thesis. We are also committed to fair and transparent regulations regarding the repetition of academic years.

We are making progress - and to keep it that way, you are in demand! If something goes wrong in your studies, we want to know - so that we can react accordingly.


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